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Ass-fucked in the pretzel position? Watch and see!

This scene, 52-year-old Heidi`s second at, opens with an interview, and it`s not like most interviews we`ve done. Heidi is wearing a fishnet bodysuit, and she proves it`s crotchless by locking her legs behind her head in the pretzel position, opening up her soon-to-be-fucked pussy. This is fairly an introduction.

Then this German fuck slut is asked if she can get ass-fucked in that position.

"I don`t know if I can take a whole fuck-stick in that position up my ass because it`s pretty big," she said, referring to Rocky`s 24-year-old cock.

So then, we set out to discover if Heidi`s asshole is tighter when her legs are spread or when her legs are behind her head. Rocky sticks a finger in her asshole. Tight. Then Heidi locks her legs behind her head and Rocky slips a finger into her asshole.

"Now it`s better," he says. "It`s less tight."

So, it would seem that Heidi can get ass-fucked with her legs locked behind her head.

Then Heidi is asked about anal sex.

"I like it," she says.

But a fellow can`t plunge right in, can he?

"With me you can," she said.

You can do a bunch of things with Heidi. You can fuck her face while fingering her pussy. You can spend very little time fucking her vag and a bunch of time fucking her asshole, as Rocky does in this scene. Does Heidi love having Rocky`s fuck-stick in her ass?

"Oh, fuck! Oh, yes! Oh, shit, yes! Oh fuck my ass! Give me that whole fuck-stick up my ass," she says.

But can she get ass-fucked with her legs locked behind her head? Witness the gig and find out.

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